Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Light of Night


When night time falls in the world so big,
Darkness unfolds to make us sleep.
O' brilliant thou man to prolong his wake,
Lamps he made to lit his fate.

Oddity brewed and to the light he stared,
He felt the peace of the warmth it shared.
Happy was he and was enlightened with glee,
For the lamps and lamp shades that made him free.

Forever thus the world has changed,
Cities were born and came of age.
The glimmer of light from dusk it starts
As torchieres burn til night departs.

So now the world has shined so bright,
Grateful for the lamps that gave man sight.
But only HE is the true light of night,
HE that made the world and gave us life.

- Strider


cc said...

Beautifully written. I like the lamp too. Is it handmade?

Strider said...
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Strider said...

@ cc: Thanks cc. You're so kind. Yes. I believe it's handmade. That was a lampshade in one of the rooms of Hotel Elizabeth in Baguio City.

maiylah said...

whoa ... nice one!
... and love that shot! :)

Strider said...

@ maiylah: Just for gigs. lol!

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