Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Monday, January 12, 2009

Weekend Snapshot: First & Last Full Moon

Full Moon

Last night was the Full Moon. You can consider it as the first full moon for 2009 and for the Chinese,it is the last full moon before their new year on the 26th.

I do not know if there is any relation with the moon assuming its fullness, but last Saturday when we brought our 4 month old son for his scheduled shots to his pediatrician, the doctor received numerous calls of babies having diarrhea. That prompted her to change my son's vaccination schedule and gave him a booster shot against rotavirus instead.

Then yesterday morning, our household helper fell ill and slept almost the whole day. Then on the same evening, I had some stomach upset. Coincidence? Most probably.

Studies have failed to substantiate any relationship of illness, lunacy or birthrates to full moons. But one thing is certain, our days and nights go around in a pattern. A cycle that can be pieced together to spell out LIFE. The beauty here comes from the choice of pieces that we pick. Although there can be no turning back,it can always be a full life well lived.

Have a Great Day!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Creating Back-up Files

Data Protection

As part of the company's information protection (IP) program, we are required to back up our files. This is especially true with our electronic files. When I was in Korea last September, our sister business unit have a warning sign posted on their walls as a reminder.

Electronic file management differs somehow with manual files. It makes use of extension files that classifies the specific type of software that that file was created. For example, a presentation file is created and saved with a File Extension PPS. PPS stands for PowerPoint Slide Show.

Then, there are times when you run a certain program that temporary files are created. Usually, you can identify these temporary files because of their File Extension TMP. However, be very careful when clicking such kind of files, especially if it comes as an attachment in an email. It can contain a computer virus.

Depending on your computer operating system (OS), different file extensions are used. But usually it runs a three (3) letter suffix that is separated with a dot. It is not always the case of course. Take for example the File Extension TORRENT which represents a Peer-to-peer (P2P)computer link.

There are a variety of file extensions. All of which function for easier filing, usage and retrieval. The thing is on properly backing them up and saving them on a recognizable format. As the sign says: "Back them up"

Monday, January 5, 2009

Weekend Snapshot: At Holidays End

full sink

The holidays are over. Its time to get back to the daily routine and the pile of work to be done. Just like in every feast, after all the sumptuous meals and bubbly wines were shared and dined, they leave a full sink pile of pans and dishes to be washed.

This is the picture after our "Media Noche". I made chicken macaroni salad with lots of ham, cheese and bacon. Maybe next time I can share the recipe.

The sink was a heap full to look at. Procrastination attacks were tremendous. But when I dove in and opened the faucet, our sink was again gleaming after 30 minutes. It felt very satisfying.

The same is my inspiration in meeting today's task list. Dive in and make things happen.

Have a Great Day!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The New Year Bang!

New Year

All around the globe, we celebrate the coming of the new year in a festive fashion. Though we might have a different way and reason of welcoming the new year, it usually goes with a BANG!

For some it commemorates the achievements for the year that was. For others, it denotes a fresh start. A time of renewal and setting of new goals. But whether we hit those targets or miss them miserably, only one thing is for sure....Life will go on. After 365 days, we will come to hear another BANG! But I hope its nothing suicidal of course. LOL!

It will all depend on how we choose to live that life. That will determine how meaningful that next "BANG!" will be for each of us.