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Friday, September 12, 2008

An Old Favorite Revisited

Living Room Furnitures

After staying at home for almost a week on a paternity leave, I had a chance to play an old time favorite PC game The SIMS2 Deluxe. This one is an expanded version of the original The SIMS2 plus Nightlife expansion pack. Actually, since we have purchased the PC game, I have already expanded it with Open for Business and The SIMS 2 Pets. We were supposed to upgrade further with Sims2 University but when I got hooked up into blogging, I found a more rewarding stress reliever.

Yes, before I started blogging, playing The Sims has been some what of a therapy for me. I enjoyed designing and building the houses, arranging the Living Room Furniture, landscaping the yard and creating Sims characters.

With the expansion packs, especially the Sims2 Pets, not only did the game play expanded but also the choices of chic items in the buy and build mode. Take for example the snapshot above, it use to have formal chairs and living room set from the original version. It used to be the only logical choice to put since they were the only items that give maximum comfort levels for the sims. But with new expansion packs, when you go into the buy mode, its as if you go into a Living room Furniture Store, just select from the chic and stylish items. The only thing missing would be the Ottomans if you really want to complete the picture. This are all possible of course if you have the simoleons to buy them with.

It was fun playing the SIMS again. But not as fun as playing with my sons.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Managing Both Ends

Diapers Pictures, Images and Photos

Still consuming my paternity leave, I get to help my wife in taking care of our new baby. You can call it a true division of labor. . . While she handles all the breast feeding from one end, I take charge of the other end. And as many times he suckles in a day is almost the same number of times he discharges.

My wife even got worried at first since it seems so frequent. But come to think of it, its only physiologically normal, like passing a series of cotton balls in a 1 meter (3.39 ft.) tube pipe. At first you continue to put in the cotton balls until the pipe fills. Then as you continue, the first ball you put it comes out of the other end and will continue to come out as long you put a cotton ball in the first end.

We have already consumed more than three (3) dozen diapers for my baby's first week. You can just imagine the number of poop jokes I started to collect. Even comparing how messy it can become if left standing for some time. Colostomy bags would be a lot cleaner. Lol!

Speaking of colostomy bags, have you seen how it works? I have a colleague that was installed with one after being diagnosed with colon cancer. The affected part of his large intestine was removed and the cut portion was redirected to a stoma(opening) made at the side of his abdomen. His poop now discharges and collected to the colostomy bag. The bag is replaceable after every discharge.

Managing poop using diapers works pretty much the same. Both are disposable and use topical ointment for skin care. But for sure working with diapers would be a lot bearable to the nose.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Motivation to a Great Health


Strider is a father again. My first born now has a brother. A healthy 5.0 lbs, 10 oz baby who my wife's Ob-Gyne called "Bilis"(Fast). Because he was out before the doctor has finished scrubbing.

As I shoot this picture, I pondered..."I am a proud father at 39". Of course, who wouldn't be. Not only because of my youngest is again a boy, but it proves that my first one was not just because of chance and I still don't require the use of Cialis. lol!

But seriously, at 39 my attention dawned on my health. I had been a smoker for 20 years or more, and if I would want to see my sons become fathers themselves, I must really consider quitting smoking.

Studies from the National Population Health Survey have shown that for every 100 smokers age 45 years old, 90 will survive until the age of 65. But only 30 will survive beyond 80.

If I quit now, I still might have a chance to save time. As the saying goes "Health is Wealth". If I invest a little everyday on my health, someday we can reap the rewards of time.

Monday, September 8, 2008

My Little Secret

Top 10 On-Line Poker Sites

Its all good news that my son was born normally last September 4, 2008 and my wife is now recovering very well. We've been discharged from the hospital with a sigh of relief. But are you in for a little secret?

My wife doesn't know this yet, but before she was due I was dead serious about searching for ways to raise roughly $4000 just in case she undergoes the caesarean section procedure. One of the options I considered was playing On-Line Poker.

I figured, it was already too late for me to save $700/month. Taking up on a loan at 10.56% p.a. will be painful every month, blogging can not raise the enough budget in taking on the risk of poker could be worth a shot. Besides, the starting bet can be as low a $5. With On-Line Poker, earning $1000.00 in a day of play looks very attractive and assured as long as the poker site is secure. There are many reputable sites where you can play poker on-line (as shown on the list above), and all of them give bonuses when you start playing.

What are these bonuses? These are additional money that you can play and grow that poker companies provide to help you increase your betting capacity. One example is on the use of PokerStars Marketing Code. After setting your account and choosing your game, you can use these bonus markers and you'll usually get 100-150% bonus for your initial play.

I tried looking at the and watched the video how to start. They have a step by step set-up. You can choose your type of play, of course the most popular is the Hold 'em. With you can use the
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to get your additional funding.

Playing on line was really tempting, especially with the Full Tilt Poker. This game makes full potential of your $5 bill. There is no limit with the number of players and all the $5 from each player goes into the pot. You can also use the
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I was preparing to play and crossing my finger to raise my needed fund, luckily, as if with a twist of fate, our medical insurance turned out to have a coverage for maternity benefits. The last time I know was that they don't. The good thing there was that my wife and son survived the ordeal without any complications and we were discharged without any cash out.

I wonder...could I have raised the $4000 if I had played?

* List courtesy of

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My LAN's Bane


O' LAN my LAN, what have we done?
The serenity of our system, was all suddenly gone.
To what routers did you link that made our world crumble,
I should've remembered to upgrade my firewall.

We could have selected from the dozen of servers,
Why have we insisted to stick with the old gizzers?
Security products, so long have they existed,
Now my data is gone & I never can be acquitted.

From Cisco to HP, they made telecommunications happy,
The world has shrunk dearly and the network has grown immensely.
Yet as fast as the web grows, so does many hackers grossly upload,
Spamming worms and virus like wolves in sheep's clothes.

So now my LAN, swallow the bitter pill we must,
Remember to link only with networks that we can trust.
For even new & refurbished switches will be portals of dismay,
If servers and networks have no firewalls on display.

Strider - circa 2008

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