Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My LAN's Bane


O' LAN my LAN, what have we done?
The serenity of our system, was all suddenly gone.
To what routers did you link that made our world crumble,
I should've remembered to upgrade my firewall.

We could have selected from the dozen of servers,
Why have we insisted to stick with the old gizzers?
Security products, so long have they existed,
Now my data is gone & I never can be acquitted.

From Cisco to HP, they made telecommunications happy,
The world has shrunk dearly and the network has grown immensely.
Yet as fast as the web grows, so does many hackers grossly upload,
Spamming worms and virus like wolves in sheep's clothes.

So now my LAN, swallow the bitter pill we must,
Remember to link only with networks that we can trust.
For even new & refurbished switches will be portals of dismay,
If servers and networks have no firewalls on display.

Strider - circa 2008


CK-II said...

That's one good shot. :)

cc said...

It looks like it's floating on air. What a creative poetry. You make something so ordinary sounds so interesting. :)

florin dr.x dieux nobody poem gand new amor music inspiration imagine good things only said...

for link exchange

thanx a lot!