Friday, September 12, 2008

An Old Favorite Revisited

Living Room Furnitures

After staying at home for almost a week on a paternity leave, I had a chance to play an old time favorite PC game The SIMS2 Deluxe. This one is an expanded version of the original The SIMS2 plus Nightlife expansion pack. Actually, since we have purchased the PC game, I have already expanded it with Open for Business and The SIMS 2 Pets. We were supposed to upgrade further with Sims2 University but when I got hooked up into blogging, I found a more rewarding stress reliever.

Yes, before I started blogging, playing The Sims has been some what of a therapy for me. I enjoyed designing and building the houses, arranging the Living Room Furniture, landscaping the yard and creating Sims characters.

With the expansion packs, especially the Sims2 Pets, not only did the game play expanded but also the choices of chic items in the buy and build mode. Take for example the snapshot above, it use to have formal chairs and living room set from the original version. It used to be the only logical choice to put since they were the only items that give maximum comfort levels for the sims. But with new expansion packs, when you go into the buy mode, its as if you go into a Living room Furniture Store, just select from the chic and stylish items. The only thing missing would be the Ottomans if you really want to complete the picture. This are all possible of course if you have the simoleons to buy them with.

It was fun playing the SIMS again. But not as fun as playing with my sons.


Regina said...

Sims is VERY addicting!
IU was a certified simsaholic until I found blogging...

ettey said...

I was once hooked on this game! addicting talaga! i even had tons of clothings and furnitures downloaded from different sim sites hehe

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