Thursday, September 11, 2008

Managing Both Ends

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Still consuming my paternity leave, I get to help my wife in taking care of our new baby. You can call it a true division of labor. . . While she handles all the breast feeding from one end, I take charge of the other end. And as many times he suckles in a day is almost the same number of times he discharges.

My wife even got worried at first since it seems so frequent. But come to think of it, its only physiologically normal, like passing a series of cotton balls in a 1 meter (3.39 ft.) tube pipe. At first you continue to put in the cotton balls until the pipe fills. Then as you continue, the first ball you put it comes out of the other end and will continue to come out as long you put a cotton ball in the first end.

We have already consumed more than three (3) dozen diapers for my baby's first week. You can just imagine the number of poop jokes I started to collect. Even comparing how messy it can become if left standing for some time. Colostomy bags would be a lot cleaner. Lol!

Speaking of colostomy bags, have you seen how it works? I have a colleague that was installed with one after being diagnosed with colon cancer. The affected part of his large intestine was removed and the cut portion was redirected to a stoma(opening) made at the side of his abdomen. His poop now discharges and collected to the colostomy bag. The bag is replaceable after every discharge.

Managing poop using diapers works pretty much the same. Both are disposable and use topical ointment for skin care. But for sure working with diapers would be a lot bearable to the nose.


MamaGeek said...

One manages the input and one manages the output - that sounds PERFECT! And I love that crisp shot.

Rob said...

Hi. I'm disabled and I've got this thing growing on my neck. I owe a lot of money and I'm in pain every day. The last time my son took me to the doctor(for this thing growing on my neck), I asked him what the secret of happiness was.
He seemed happy, after all. Plus his undergrad degree came with a GPA that made my 3.8 look like a nice try, but no cigar. Now he’s in graduate school, even. He has friends. And he can drive.
He told me.
“Retorts, dad. Always have some good retorts ready. Make a list of 'em and carry it with you when you go to the doctor for that thing growing on your neck. Then whip out the list and talk with everyone in the waiting room. Using those retorts could be your hobby. You could polish them up, add new ones. It’ll make you feel great. At night, when your sitting alone with your lite beer and twinkies, you’ll say to yourself, “Here’s another thing I could have told the fat guy with six fingers.””
He went on like that until we got to the doctor.
I'm still paying for his education

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