Sunday, August 3, 2008

Conquering Mt. Pinatubo - #2 (Doing the Process)


On July 20, 2006 a group of highly spirited men and a lady began an early day to climb Mt. Pinatubo. They gathered at the parking area Holiday Inn Resort in Clark Field, Pampanga.

Four sturdy 4x4 jeepneys lined up, all with heavy duty wheel base and roll bars. The head driver told the group that they should be hitting the road by 6:00AM. When the group members have all checked in and after some picture exactly 6:00AM, they were off.

The road trip was long going to Capas, Tarlac. Because aside from the traffic, the jeeps were more cut for off-road travel. The maximum speed gained never passed 60KPH. It really ate up time. But there was nothing that the group could do but to endure the bumps and the wait. It was an inevitable part of the process.

The real thrill began when the jeeps ran out of roads...

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