Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Conquering Mt. Pinatubo # 3 (Appreciating Simplicity)

Off to Work

After Mt. Pinatubo's erruption in 1991, there was an estimated 1000 square kilometers of prime agricultural lands that were put at risk because of the subsequent lahar flows. Every time the rainy season came, the surrounding areas of Zambales, Tarlac and Pampaga always had to face the dangerous lahar floods.

Mt. Pinatbo spued 6.83 cubic kilometer of pyroclastic flows in 1991. The erruption of hot ash was about 200 meters thick*. After 15 years, it left a vast gray desert.

The span of the lahar was enormous. During the long bumpy 4x4 jeep ride to the drop-off point, the group was drawn to an awe to see how the local folks thrived in that lahar devasted area. Seeing a horserider who was going to who knows where, the group started to wonder how would they fare if they lived in his condition. Most of them couldn't bear the thought of having no access to Direct TV to watch their favorite movies. Some said they can't stand the isolation. While others can't imagine how silent the nights would be.

For sure those local folks have their fair share of exposure to the modern world, directtv and all. Even though everyday life could ba a little tougher. Nonetheless, its definitely much simpler.

No Monday morning rush to work just to get caught in a jungle of traffic. Their blood pressures probably don't spike up that often. And most probably, they don't have that much credit card bills to pay.

A simple life that can be enjoyed with peace and tranquility. Thats a kind of thing many would agree to trade for a day or two. Yet there are a few who can live in the middle of anywhere...as long as they have a DSLR, laptop with high speed internet connection and of course, what would better complete the picture than also having directv .

Now, that's simplicity.


* sources: ILWIS


maiylah said...

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Simply beautiful!

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