Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Blogger's Dream

Web Hosting

Most of the bloggers I know, if not all, usually intend to get some earning from their blogging. It is definitely rewarding once you have developed your blog and have taken care of the traffic. Advertisers are most interested if you have a good page ranking and high visitor turn over. However, they prefer that bloggers have their own domain to provide them better opportunity.

This is why many bloggers look for a Web Hosting provider instead of using the free websites that either get lower rates or prohibits pro-blogging altogether. Yes, you may argue that it comes with a fee. But it also has its advantages. For one you can have your own unique domain name like "" and so forth. Then once this has been recognized by the search engines, your web site will be on the top of the list and most probably be the first pick for the searcher to click.

But looking for web hosting providers, one should always take into consideration the percentage of its up time. This is the number of times that the site is accessible in a given number of uploading. A 99%-99.9% up time is most preferable. It is important that you look for the web reviews for this sites to see for your self.

I actually have a friend who recently transferred from one web hosting provider to another just because the new provider is reputed to have a lesser downtime. There are a lot out there in the web, yours for the picking.

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