Thursday, June 26, 2008

Harmony in Diversity

This picture is still part of Hotel Elizabeth's landscape.

I have always admired landscape they combine different sorts of plants, pots, rocks and logs together and create an appealing environment. They can blend the beauty of numerous plants accordingly to make one statement without loosing the individual radiance of each plant.

Landscaped Garden

These plants are like people. Each one us have our own unique being. Just imagine what a landscape we can create, if we blend all our talents together...


Jenaisle said...

Hi Strider, I agree, we should live for each other.

Are you familiar with the song:

"Walang sinuman ang nabubuhay para sa sarili lamang?" ( no one lives for himself only.)

We are all travelers in this mundane plane and we should help one another along the way.

Thanks for sharing.

maiylah said...

yeah ... harmony in diversity is so appropriate for this shot. :)

Strider said...

Thanks Jenaisle. What a better world it could be, right?
And yup, am familiar with the song. It used to be a regular Sunday Mass song in my home.

Thanks too Maiylah. I guess my post comes very timely...two tumbs up for you!

eastcoastlife said...

That's a beautiful arrangement of outdoor plants. I was attracted by it.

and such wisdom in your message.

BK said...

You are right to say that these plants are like people. They have different talents and also unique in their own sense. If each and everyone can live with harmony, there will be much peace.

Strider said...

Thanks ECL, you're so kind. :)

and cheers to you BK, For Peace!

Sydney said...

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