Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Lonely Fern

The world has witnessed another davastating loss of lives and properties from the wrath of typhoon Frank (international codename:Fensheng). It ravaged the several provinces in the Philippines causing massive floods and mud slides particularly in the island of Panay. An estimatated damage to infrastructure and agriculture was about PhP 5.5 billion (US$ 122.5MM).
Yesterday, I travelled to Iloilo City, one of the major cities in Panay island. It has been a week since the storm. Traces of the typhoon's damage were still evident.
But life has slowly started to move on.

Like the fern that grows on a broken branch...


...No matter how difficult the living condition can be, as long as there is a single root that attaches to the tree, there is hope for the lonely fern. It will survive...
...and so shall we.


maiylah said...

indeed ... i agree.

Strider said...

We really just have to brave it Maiylah. Thanks for your comment. ;)