Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Is it a Good Time to Fly?

Heavy clouds covered the sky. Rain poured heavily that afternoon. I wondered how closely the Air Traffic Controllers were monitoring their radars and weather indicators.


Times like this is like when market situations are difficult in business. This is when we give a sharper look on indicators. Especially now that all inputs are sky rocketting while markets are dwindling, the bottom line is forever challenged. But as long as the data is acurate, a good forecast can be made. The course can be plotted on how the business can soar.


Adie said...

I just love your photos! I think the weather is okay, even though it's raining most of the time. Better these rains than a typhoon Frank again :)

Strider said...

Thanks adie. Your words are very inspiring.

maiylah said...

love the way the drops are focused and the others are blurry ... :)

Strider said...

Haha. I was actually trying to focus the control tower... hehehe.