Saturday, July 5, 2008

Tilted Reflections

This shot is not my original composition. Maiylah did it first with her S3IS (She was too kind to lend me her 450D. lol!) Anyway, what caught my attention from this angle was how the clouds' reflection tilted from the view of the car window.


Sometimes, the same situation happens when we do reflect on things. Especially when our thoughts are taunted by a stimulating idea. Afterwards, we tend to see things in a different light and viola...a new paradigm is created.

Reflection helps us refocus our energy. Learning from the paths that we have traveled and preparing ourselves for the continuation of the journeys that we have chosen.


maiylah said...

you're welcome! :D
thanks for the linky love!

take care!

beekey said...

wow!! a very nice pic!

risingthinker said...

yeah , nice picture. Are you a photographer?

Strider said...

@risingthinker: Am just a hobbyist.