Thursday, November 27, 2008

Building Foundation


What makes a building withstand the toughest storm?

It must be built on a solid foundation. The structural strength of every material used should pass an international quality standard for safety, durability and tensil strength. Most prefabricated buildings are set to meet these standards. They have gone through extensive R&D and applied technology.

A person's character can be likened to commercial steel buildings. If the foundation and quality of building materials used are strong, the person's character will also be rock solid. Foundation such as integrity, honesty, respect, these are the values that will provide the tenacity of one's personhood.

If the steel buildings are haphazardly made, where the engineers cut corners and favor economics over quality, it might last a year or two. But give it some continuous strain and in time it will crumble. Just as superficial traits that a person of weak character shows. He might fake it for a while, but when faced with life's challenges, his true nature will come out.

But unlike a building, a person can choose to strengthen and make himself better. The building will rely only to the moldings of his creator. Unlike a building, the person can change. He always has a choice...he only needs to make it.


Linda said...

That is so true! It starts in youth and when you become an adult, hopefully some of it stuck. great post!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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