Sunday, October 26, 2008

Looking for... a Bike?

The Bike

One time I was caught in traffic while riding a taxi cab in Cebu City when I chance upon the one-eyed graffiti on a school yard wall. Hurriedly I took my camera to snap a picture and as I pressed the shutter, this biker just sped out of nowhere. What luck! the bike's blur added to the total effect.

Speaking of bikes, did you know that the most efficient machine on earth in terms of weight transported over distance for energy expended is a human on a bicycle ( It can even be considered as one of the solutions for our energy crisis situation. Imagine, no petrol fuel required, you can get to where you want without being bothered by traffic, you'll get a very good exercise, and to top it all up, its environment friendly.

Of course, it can not replace the cars and mass transport for long distance travels, but for city or town mobility, the bike is a great alternative.

I remember my first bike. It was an easy rider with foot brakes. It even has a ringer bell attached to the handles. Then during high school, I saved my allowance in order to assemble my own BMX. Given a chance if ever I'll have another bike today, I guess it will be a mountain bike. Although I'd prefer to assemble it by myself again, but for practical reasons, a lot of good choices are readily available off the racks even on-line.

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