Monday, June 29, 2009

Simply Gorgeous


Its Monday morning once again. Almost a third of the household will be rushing off for work starting at around 6-7AM. Before, I thought the competition in terms of first to use and first to finish would be in the bathroom. Since there are times when you have to take a priority number if your family is big.

But do you know what I found out? Its not on the bathroom where the longest preparation time happens. Its in front of the dresser, especially for women (No offense intended, this is pure observation). Facing the collection of suits for work, it will take them at least 10-15 minutes to select which suit to wear. Then comes the hair styling, the make-up and most of the times including the nail polishing. All in all it would take them around 1-2 hours of preparation.

That was for the regular work days. When it comes to dressing up for parties and special occasions, women do love to take their time and look for the best dress to wear. Good thing on-line outfit shopping is already available. Ladies can select clothes as easy as selecting an attire for a SIMS.