Monday, April 27, 2009

Hog Convention


The 18th Hog Convention and Trade exhibits was held last April 23-25, 2009 at the World Trade Center - Manila in Pasay City. It is an annual affair attended by more than 48 hog raisers association all over the Philippines where the different companies that cater to the industry showcase their latest products and services.

Each company spends a sizable amount each year just to make their exhibit more attractive. This is common practice in trade show exhibits where advertising companies make a killing. Well it is an investment of course. At least if you let the advertisers conceptualize and make the presentation, the exhibitor no longer has to worry what table covers to use at the booth. They would just need to approve that their table top display conveys the right message.

But this year, although the Hog convention went well in general, the booth presentations were not as extravagant as before. Some companies did not even put up a booth. Maybe because of the financial situation we are all in. The good thing is that people still strive to make the connection no matter how life can be. Besides at the end of the day, its the value of what a company can deliver on a day to day basis that counts rather than a yearly exhibit that is all for a show.

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