Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Study on Texture

The last time my family and I went to visit my parents in the province, we had a chance to play around the many photo subjects in the garden. I saw this old drift wood and was awed by its texture.


Can you imagine how long it took for that tree to take that form? Weathering all those rainy days, the excruciating heat of the sun, and even the gusty winds of a storm. What a daily grind it must have been...growing under nature's hands. Yet, faithfully it turned out to be a masterpiece.


snippets said...

hallu! got a tag for you ... :)

happy tuesday!

snippets said...

forgot to add ... cool shot!!
luv it! :)

Strider said...


The Urban Buddha said...

That is a excellent shot. Makes me want to get my drawing pad out and try to catch that lovely pattern and texture! Thanks for sharing!! Have a great day! :D