Sunday, May 11, 2008

A more healthier lifestyle...needed

My sister sent me an email earlier today refering me to take a test to know my real age as compared to my calendar age. It was quite interesting. The results turned out that I am 2.4 years older than my calendar age due to my quite unhealthy lifestyle. He he. They say life begins at forty, so I guess my body already has a year and a half head start.

If you're interested, you can follow this site and take the test yourself.

I am thankful for having sisters (I was blessed to have two) that have been very suportive throughout my strides. Next time I'll tell you more of our journey's together.

For now, I have began on the road with a better awareness on health... starting with breakfast.


Bon Apetit!!!


maiylah said...

hmmm...have to do this one of these days! :D

maiylah said...

hahaha ... am older by one year (compared to my actual age)!