Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Phone Home

Phone Call


For most of us, the holiday season is the time when family members get together and celebrate the occasion with a feast. But for more than a million Filipino Overseas Contract Workers (OFW), this year will be another season away from their love ones. They would have to contend themselves with a phone call or webcast just to get in touch. Thanks to modern technology.

Speaking of phones, did you know that there are now land line phone units that is equipped with spy-bugs? They are called Phone-007. They can record phone conversations in progress and even ambient noises with in the phones range.

I was also surprised when I learned about such phones. They can be hooked to an internet connection and you can listen to conversations by dialing a local Phone-007 access code. That would be eavesdropping in the truest sense of the word. In addition, you can even log-in to to access all previous recordings made.

As I always say about technology, they are here to improve our way of life. Its a choice how we use such technology. Our individual intentions and motives will dictate how we dispense of them...good or bad.

Well, its the start of another year. We can always change for the better. And for our OFW's, yes they are lonely, but who knows, they just might have sent home a Phone-007 just to stay connected. (",)


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maiylah said...

happy new year!!! :D